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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Well! What Had Happened Was...

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Looking at this title, I know the first thing that comes to your mind is a funny story you were told by one of your closest friend or family members and it always starts of with: "Well!! What had happened wasssssss.." Or even the equivalency of the phrase"One time at band camp"...

You already know after hearing these words, there is going to be some funny moments, some bulls***, and a lesson all wrapped into one big story.

We've always been told "leave your business off your Facebook" because eventually it could be used against us or we've even been to afraid to match our names with our stories out of shame or guilt.

Well have NO fear, #WWHHW is here!!

This platform is for YOU to submit your own #WWHHW stories to tell everyone. You can have your name displayed or event submit it anonymously. From the most gut-punching, funniest ones to your most vulnerable ones. This platform is a SAFE space for all to freely express yourself and to even connect with others.

M.B. wearing TAP IN clothing brand.

Who am I?

I'm M.B., your friendly mental health advocate and resource provider; ALWAYS willing to provide a SAFE space.

Originally, I was creating a platform offering mental health services for the Midwest and Southern states. And then I hit this hiccup in my personal life where literally EVERY SINGLE WEEK, it was a #WWHHW moment. I mean I had events where I am literally rolling on the floor laughing to being disgusted by certain actions that's transpired.

And I began to think long and hard about who I was, what I am working towards, and what I stood for. A woman by the name of Lawanna (who means the world to me) taught me that through my storms I should tell my story. That I too deserve to be heard because I was silent for so long about what transpired in my personal life, that I should never remain silent again. And that maybe my stories could cheer someone up, bring awareness, or uplift them.

So this is for you Ms. Lawanna.. Because of you, NO ONE has to be silent anymore. They can voice safely about all their moments in life. They can say them out loud and move freely. And it'll begin with "Well, What Had Happened Was.."

Readers and Subscribers, (as a bonus) not only are you allowed to submit your stories, but you can submit your music, poetry, photographs, and other crafts. A forum will be posted strictly for the arts and for those to post links of their work. If you would like your own blog post for our very special "Featured Friday's", by all means submit them.

Keep in mind: THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. Venting is great...but if yourself or someone else needs assistance with getting mental health/counseling services, feeling like you're in danger, suicidal or homicidal ideation, legal aid, or even state government resources, please reach out!

This platform also does NOT condone harassment or bullying. You WILL be removed.

For Weekly Updates or when to send in submissions, Subscribe Today!

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I am in love with this platform already ! This can be a great path into some mental health treatment or just people feeling heard or seen.

Me gusta
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