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The Story Behind The Platform

The creation of "Well What Had Happened Was.." started off with a simple "you are not alone and never be silent again" conversation.

While I was being told these encouraging things, I felt physically, mentally, and emotionally isolated.

But with the support of my village, my own therapist, and of course God, I decided to take my power back. I began to build the courage to speak up and start to tell my own stories and truth because if was imperative for me and my healing, no one else. And once people started actually listening, seeing the growth, and becoming more aware of what I was going through, they all demanded the exact same thing: A VOICE. I regained my voice and vowed to never stay silent again.

In my previous cognitive behavior courses, I conduct these exercises where you must write a letter to your current self and/or your younger self. And this exercise not only helps pin point certain suppressed memories but provides reasoning as to why we do or think the way we do. This platform is an extension of that exercise.

Here at " Well What Had Happened Was..." you have not only a safe facilitator but a community behind you that can relate to you.

Allow us to be that first step to not only acknowledge your experiences but to for you to say them OUT LOUD.

Whether its sad, traumatic, joyous, funny, or even just a prayer to spread to others:

SHARE IT! And I'II share my stories with you too.


Together, not only will we bring awareness, but build a community to help each other, laugh and love together.

And Remember:

Every GREAT story starts off with: "Well, What Had Happened Was.."

The Inspiration Behind the Platform

Lawana McKissack is a mother of 3, a grandmother of 3, and the matriarch of her village.
She is not only someone you can run to for advice, but also unconditional love.

She has taught her village to not only believe in themselves, but do it in spite of how anyone feels or thinks of you. And no matter how much or hard we struggle, we must not quit.

Not only does she advocate for others, but she currently has a successful cleaning business "AAA Cleaning Services",  where she provides maintenance services homes, apartments, suites, and businesses! She specifically provides discounts for those individuals and families that suffer from mental and emotional disorders. She adds some extra love in every room to help you overcome your personal  battles.

Remember, never stay silent, even during those quiet battles; we are here to help in every way. 

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