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Run Up and Get Done Up!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Submitted Anonymously

"As you can tell by the title of my story, I was just fed the hell up and just wanted to fight at what I discovered. I mean the "put my thumbs to the back of this heffa's throat and drag her by her baby hairs" fed up!

Whatever you do don't judge me for this story!


When I was about 20 years old and in college, I was dating this man... smooth, fine chocolate brother. About 6'2, athletic, very smart, and treated me real good; or so I thought at that age.

We did pretty much everything together and the campus knew we were dating. I wasn't much of a party girl at the time so I didn't go out with him on the weekends much.

Long story short!! One day, I was walking to class and I was approached by one of my classmates, who I didn't care for, and this random girl. They asked me "hey, aren't you (insert name)'s girlfriend?" And of course I replied yes (happily). They both looked each and giggled and replied, "well you may wanna handle your job as is woman because he was acting a fool over the weekend. "

Naturally I'm like "WTF is she talking about?!" And I sat through my next class replaying that statement. So instantly, I left class sped walk across campus to this man's room. I knew he didn't have class for another two hours so he should be free.

While I was walking up to his apartment and saw him standing outside with another girl. I took a deep breath, kept my cool, and walked up to greet him and kiss him. I turned to the girl and said "hey how are you, I'm (insert name)'s girlfriend and you are?" And she just looked at me shocked and paused before responding, then smiled and introduced herself.

She then said she would catch him later, winked at him, and walked off. I made a fake grin and waved.

I turned to him and said "do I need to beat your ass now or later?" He chuckled and said"come on" and started walking towards his apartment. I asked him "so what's happened this last weekend we didn't hang out?" He stated "nothing, just hung out with the guys and went to a party on Greek Row." And while he was explaining his night, I got a notification on Snapchat.... and once I opened it, Lord!!! You could have thought I saw a ghost!

I saw a video of him kissing on another girl and doing body shots! He leaned over and watched the video as well.... I looked up and he was big eyed, mouth wide open, and silent....I simply walked off, fuming... and he stood there with the "oh shit" face....

In this moment you would think I should have confronted him ... no... I was pissed with him but I was MORE PISSED because the girl in the video was the one who just introduced herself! Which meant not only did she know who I was but she was probably still pushing up on my man!!

And being the young, insecure girl I was, I went straight to her. I found her in the cafe and immediately confronted her with the video. I was ranting and raving about everyone knowing who I am and who my man is and etc and I was turning blue in the face. She didn't argue back, she sat there smiling! Which made me more mad! She simply replied "Are you mad or nah?"... and immediately when she spoke those words, I blacked out.

All I remember is my boyfriend walking in the cafe staring straight at me, and my hand being cocked back as far as it could and as it was abiut to connect to her jaw...

and then I woke up (hahahaha) !!

I woke up mad as hell and sweating, and I turned over and saw my boyfriend laying next to me sound asleep.

I got up, turned on the lights, and started hitting him with the pillow screaming "You cheated on me!"

This man woke up looking at me like I was a psycho and he said what are you talking about?! "You cheated on me in my dream!! How could you!!!???" I plopped on the bed and whined like a brat. He chuckled and snuggled with me and said, "I would never cheat on you. If I did not only would I lose out on the best thing that ever happened to me, but I'm sure I'll be in a casket. The way you hit me with a pillow, I'm sure you would kill me with a bat."

Smart man. We are now older and married for the last 6 years ; I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hahahah I hope you enjoyed this silly story. "

If you can relate to this submitted story, comment and share your own #WWHHW moment.

*This forum is not a substitute to getting professional help*

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