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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Submitted by: M.B.

Welcome to #WWHHW very first "Featured Friday!" EVERY Friday, we will promote your business, music, craft, art, podcast and more!! Use this not only to connect with each, but invest each other.

KIDDO WRECKZ: Jerron Davis

"Kiddo Wreckz aka Jerron Davis born & raised in Phoenix, AZ aka Bird city with Detroit blueprints. Music was never just a hobby to Kiddo, it was a form of expression and communication. From morning gospel to afternoon blues to midnight traps Kiddo has experienced it all. However, instead of falling into the Traps he decided to believe in himself and put his life experiences in the form of musical arts. He knows how to play the guitar as Rock was the beginning of his music journey. As he grew older he continued to Rhythm And Poetry (RAP) & Rhythm And Blues (R&B). In 2016 he made XXL which affirmed that he has found his purpose and is on the right path. Therefore, in Fall 2020 he began to develop the professional aspect of music by releasing his first EP. From Spring flings, summer time fun & Heartbreaks to I ain't no killa but don’t push me is what you can expect when hearing Kiddo's life experiences."

You can locate Kiddo on all social media and all his links are posted here at:


Nashville Tennessee -based rapper Phat Talk was born Willie Turrell Carter Jr, August 9th 1991 in his home city of Nashville Tennessee. The natural born entertainer began his journey at Tennessee State University. Phat Talk’s continuous overcoming of difficulties, one which happened to be getting in a bad car

accident in 2019 , causing him to have knee surgery. While recovering , Phat Talk gained the support from the Titans that landed his single “ Touchdown “ on Madden 21.

His support and motivation comes from his family and also life experiences. Phat talk comes from a family of musicians, artists, and writers . He grew up around people who entertained and expressed themselves in their own creative way.

For as long as I could remember I've been rapping, it took my experience at Tennessee State University to take it seriously and start a career out of it. “ - Phat Talk .

His influences in the industry include songwriters who’ve reached their dreams despite going through a struggle. Some of those include Notorious Big, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, Ludacris and many more .

Phat Talk’s message to his fans is,: “Invest in yourself and get it back”

Currently streaming on all platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple, and YouTube.

For Booking Inquiries Email:

@Phat_Talk on Instagram and Snapchat.

OE_DWill:Dwayne Williams Jr.

"Dwayne is the CEO/ Founder Out East Records. Growing up, he was always was fond of art especially drawing and music. It was easy for him to get lost in my creative atmosphere. As he got older I strayed away from the pencil and pad but gained an interest in photography.

He had the opportunity to buy his first camera ever the same day my first niece was born. From there, he self-taught himself the essentials to photography such as terminology, angle and lighting knowledge, etc. He created his own photography company, Dwill Photography, specializing in but not limited to boudoir photography. With this newfound knowledge and passion, he later started his own modeling agency: The Charm Models. Dwayne has created Out East Empires, Out East Records.

He named the company after the nickname for the side of town he's from. "This came about because a lot of people loved to claim “Out East” while they were in high school, but once they left they forgot about us and don’t do anything to help out. It sucks because with everything being gentrified like it is, it’s only a matter of time before “Out East” is wiped out of history leaving only East Nashville. Me starting this label was to give our culture a voice and an outlet to express themselves at times when others won’t care to listen. I also wanted to start and have something to pass down through generations so they would never have to work for a single soul in their lives."


  • Photography Package 1: $200

  • Photography Package 2: $250

  • Photography Package 3: $300

  • Verse: $500

  • Model Booking starting at $100/hr. with a 2 hour minimum

For music/event booking inquiries, Email:

You can locate all of Dwayne's music or social platforms on

1389 Boulevard:

Kayla Sampson Owner and CEO

1389 Boulevard provides quality products while bringing a luxurious experience to all customers encouraging confidence and inspiring them to live their best life. 1389 Boulevard is a black owned online women’s fashion boutique. They provide fast shipping, quality products, practical pricing, and exceptional customer service. The company will also be a platform to encourage young girls and women to exude confidence, dream and manifest, and grow in love and light.

"I owe it to little me and myself to make our dreams our reality. I am a dreamer, and I believe that dreams can become legacy when given life. 13 and 89 are two very special numbers to me. They are part of my life's legacy. It is when I began to understand who I was and wanted to become as a woman. And I love being a woman. We are ever evolving. We are everything. Fashion is one of the best expressions of our personalities and how we feel. As a young girl and into my adulthood, I struggled accepting the body God had given me. Over time I have grown to love and accept myself. I believe ALL Women are QUEENS and deserve to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. 1389 Boulevard was created to build an experience for women to escape from the drama of the world and confidently be herself--own her style. Fashion is for everyone regardless of your shape or size. My hope is that when you wear pieces from 1389 Boulevard you from that point on know and feel that you are--

FINE. FEMININE. and FABULOUS. A Queen...Everywear "

Vol1 is now available:

"Post a picture and use the hashtag #EverywearQueen #QueenSquad #FINEFEMININEFABULOUS"

The Pepper Pott

"We are family owned & operated with a simple goal of providing quality food while sharing the Caribbean culture of Guyana" -Karen "Channa" Thomas

The Pepper Pott is a grab + go spot created by a Guyanese born Mom and her two sons: Karen, Isiah and Warren Thomas. Authentic jerk chicken, rice and beans, oxtails and they have this cabbage dish that is amazing. They also handcraft a Caribbean drink called Sorrel, made with hibiscus that is AMAZING.

"We started cooking from our home for friends and family about 10 years ago. Transitioning from humble beginnings allowed us the opportunity to make mistakes and understand our clientele better. Since the initial concept of our business model, there have been great developments in pick-up/delivery services, website optimizations, and social media for business use. This time around it feels right. We’re happy doing what we love and creating quality meals.

As Isiah shared, “It is such a special feeling, that is hard to describe as we get to interact in a professional environment but still have our personalities shine through” and he goes on to share “The great thing about it is everything we do, the food, the work is an expression of who we are.”

Follow them for updates on Instagram or subscribe to their website

AAA Cleaning Service: Lawanna and Amia McKissack

AAA Cleaning Service is a small, family-owned independent cleaning service company. This company works within the Kentucky and Tennessee areas.

Carpet Clean

Starting at $125 · 3 hrs 30 mins

Pricing may increase depending on the actual square footage of the home or building.

Deep Clean

Total time: 6 hrs 30 mins

This includes wiping down and dusting of everything and taking out trash. Vacuum/ Sweep and Mopping. Clean kitchen, bathroom and living room. Wiping down all base boards, windows ceils, etc.

Decluttering Clean

Total time: 4 hrs 30 mins

This includes decluttering of any room in a house or building. Pricing may increase depending on the actual square footage of the home or building.

Standard Clean

Total time: 4 hrs 30 mins

This includes wiping down and dusting of everything and taking out the trash. Vacuum/Sweep and Mopping. Clean kitchen, bathroom and living room.

You can book services on the Facebook Page:

(615) 969-7764


New Era Transportation Inc, was established by two healthcare professionals with the idea of providing secure, economical and caring transportation services to the elderly, healthcare facilities and hospitals etc., while providing employment to attentive and dependable drivers. Their staff are highly competent and hold certification in first aid, CPR, and safety. Our transportation vehicles are air-conditioned, reliable, well maintained, and service-checked regularly. And all of their vehicles exceed local and state requirements in order to provide the highest quality transportation services for their clients.

Headquartered in the Chicagoland Area, IL., New Era Transportation Inc is one of the fastest growing NEMT services that focus on safety and cost-effectiveness, and we’re committed to this need in the local healthcare industry. With this commitment in mind, New Era Transportation Inc has rapidly grown to become the company of choice in Chicagoland Area for non-emergency medical transportation services.

Contact them TODAY to schedule your transportation to your next appointment! You wont regret it!


If you would love to be featured on our next "Featured Friday!", please email us at

Submit your information with pictures, small biography/story about yourself, and links to any social media you have pertaining to your submission. We can't wait to meet you!!

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