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As we are entering the final leg of 2023, I suppose you are wondering A LOT! And we are here to answer some of your questions!

1) "What's going on?? where are the stories?"

  • We have tons of stories to publish! but didn't have the time. Over these next few weeks of 2023, we will be publishing multiple stories every week!

2) "What's new with #WWHHHW?"

What isn't new is the real question!

  • We are happy to announce our volunteer program for those within the community and students! Those who are needing volunteer hours, feel free to click on our "Volunteer Opportunity" tab and send us an inquiry of your needs!

  • WE HAVE PARTNERSHIPS!! #WWHHW is happy to announce partnerships with Black Mental Health Village and Recycle & Reinvest. Both organization not only offer volunteer opportunities, but of course, tackling issues within mental health and other needs within the community such as : financial literacy, agriculture, mentorship, music, elderly needs, and more! and I DO MEAN MORE! So feel free to check those amazing non-profit organizations and get in the loop today!

  • We have listed MORE mental health resources AND now mental health tests and worksheets! #WWHHW has worked with and created an amazing alliance with Different Spectrums Podcast! Their amazing platform has brought awareness to the autistic and neurodivergent community dealing with mental health issues , creating a safe space to be different and proud. Dr. Nazeer "Naz" Zerka, took the time to gather several worksheets and tools for anxiety, grief, mindful, depression, and more! All which is available under the "Mental Health Test & Toolkit" tab. On that tab as well, you have Mental Health America with various test to help identify mental health symptoms. Please remember, these are just to help assist your journey! This is not an excuse to not receive proper mental health help from a professional.

3) What's going on with "The Thinking Corner"?

  • "The Thinking Corner" was not only apart of an in person vendors station during the Juneteenth Celebration, but we had the opportunity to be apart of our first Mental Health Summit located at Lane College this past October. Yes, there will be MORE in person events for The Thinking Corner this Spring and Summer 2024 in and outside of Tennessee and Alabama!! Most importantly, we are PROUD to announce that we will be launching our new "brain dump" journal for purchase January 2024! That's right! we've created our own journal. For those who do not know what "brain dumping means, simply the act of dumping all the contents of your mind onto a blank page as one might dump the contents of a purse onto a table. You are spilling out stressors, extreme hectic thoughts, anxieties,annonyce, to-do lists; anything that is clouding your mind beyond control. You write them out, allowing room to breathe and welcome creative, calm thoughts into your space! So, the next time you start to feel your emotions becoming overwhelmed with too much brain activity, pull out your favorite pen, settle in for a brain dump, and start writing. It is an effective way to help you tackle your problems, relax your mind, and take care of yourself. We have a large 8.5x11 in paperback journal for the major dumping sessions, and a small 6.375x8.25in hardback journal to take with you on the go!

We are beyond excited for 2024! We have endured a lot since our creation in 2022, but we clearly aren't done yet! We are still letting our voices be heard and we are still breaking the stigma, one story at a time.

Don't forget you can still submit your stories and business information to You can still be aligned with a mental health therapist via chat box, contact sheet, or email.

AND if you need any assistance or resources, feel free to click the tabs or reach out to us!

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