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Ain’t No Switching Up

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Submitted by: Christian Brown

This is a message to someone very special to me in my life and has been there through my darkest times... and I'm forever grateful.


" I thought I found a friend but really what I found was my soulmate, best friend, big sister, partner in crime, my day 1 and 2….. I could go on and on. I broke the matrix in 2017 and found a person who was pure and genuinely for me. All she wanted to do was see me win and with no attachments. In 2018 she saved me from crashing out ( in her city at that ). I lost a great job working for the railroad which left me stranded in a city that I knew nothing about and only had been in for 3 months. Without hesitation she took me in and helped with no questions. Little did I know that her family had adopted me at that time.

Coming from a very traumatized beginning, I didn’t know what pure love was or what it looked like. I wasn’t accustomed to being helped or shown just a pure caring spirit. My favorite memory is upon meeting, she introduced me to so many people, did a quick festival, and we went to the bar that night; we had so much fun and been locked in ever since. She helped me fly home and get an Uber to my destination without asking for reimbursement. She helped me through my depression and anxiety issues. She help me get back to ME. She helped me get a job and move back to my second home. A time came where both our lives took over for a while but we stayed locked in. Through her, I’ve gain more family, more life, and more love to an extent that can’t be measured.

I’m so grateful for everything and will do anything for her.

I'm stepping on anything that needs to be stepped on for her and hers. Making people repeat what they say and stand on it for her and hers. Even through more recent events we’re more locked in than ever. I will forever love her and step with and behind her. Thought I gained a sandz/friend but in actuality I gained much more and forever grateful for it. "


Christian, I'm happy you have someone in your corner with no strings attached. It's rare to have that type of genuine connection; never let it go.

If you can relate to this submitted story, comment and share your own #WWHHW moment.

*This forum is not a substitute to getting professional help*

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