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Mental Health Mondays!

Submitted by: M.B

Hello all! Welcome to another segment of #WWHHW! : "Mental Health Mondays"

And as ALWAYS, I feel that it was imperative to not only give our artists and business owners a safe space to display their craft on "Featured Fridays!", but mental health advocates and professionals should do the same!

Who knows!?

You may find your next favorite book, podcast, or counselor in your area!

This week we have:

Derrick Rigsby Jr.

Derrick Rigsby Jr., born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, is a Pre-Licensed LPC from Fisk University with his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.

"One of the main reasons why I have a passion for mental health/therapy is because as a kid I went to speech therapy for most of my childhood. I used to always get clowned on because of the way I talked, try to pronounce words, and have a lisp. My path was  very unorthodox. From being strongly affiliated with the crips from my neighborhood, getting kicked out multiple high schools, troubles with the law; college was not in the picture during these times."

Derrick wanted to share his dedication from my thesis with you all; it'll help give you more insight about him:

"The paper is dedicated to my grandparents, without them none of this would have

happened. They left behind money and bonds for me and my brother to go to college. Growing up in Los Angeles, specifically the Crenshaw District, the odds of making it out was very slim to none. My mother did her best to keep us in after school programs, sports, and other activities. When my grandparents passed, a part of me went with them. Especially my grandmother, she was my backbone growing up. Being able to finish the program and to make her proud is the ultimate feeling. My mother has been my biggest supporter since day one. We may not always see eye to eye on everything but we make sure to try our best to make our relationship work. The long conversations, the hardship of being a single mother with two boys raising them in South Central is just astounding. My mother has always told me “you only get one last name, so make sure you make yourself and us proud”

It is a proverb that is out there” Everyday above ground is a good one”. My best friend

Edward Jones aka Tweet, one of my closest friends, came up as a kid. He passed away in high school our junior year. Everywhere I go or do he is with me. He was someone that pushed me all the time to go beyond my limits each and everyday. To my other good friend Brandon Myers, I always looked up to you as a big brother, somebody who always brought the best out of me. I still tear up knowing that you never got a chance to be here witnessing this firsthand. You used to always call me “T-Rex” because of my mohawk and braces. That nickname still lives on still today. To Ms. Waters, my high school principal in 12th grade. The person who took time out of her day to make sure I got up for the Black College Expo and helped me get into college. Dr. Duke, for your commitment to me by giving me a platform to display my experiences to the students on campus, I cannot thank you enough. Preparing my paperwork, getting me dressed in clothes that morning, and telling me not to take “no” as an answer. Lastly, a huge thanks to all my family and friends who supported me through my undergrad and graduate years. All the help from the professors, classmates, and faculty members. I truly appreciate it.

You can find more on Derrick and book sessions with him TODAY!

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