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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Submitted by: Jasmine O.

*WARNING: sensitive content/trigger warning. Please be advised before continuing*

I was scammed‼️


"Having the intention of building a family and then becoming a single parent is traumatizing. I moved here from Illinois alone 6 years ago to be the woman I was meant to be and to grow. I had no children, was single, and moved everything I had in my apartment from Illinois to stay with my godfather in a 1bd/1ba in Hermitage.

I worked various jobs until I became a car saleswoman at KIA in Franklin. While there, I was making good money to where I could find my own place. I made sure I was working there for a couple of months when I started apartment hunting. A manager of mine at the time told me about his complex down the road from work; that’s how things changed.

I went on a Sunday to view the apartments at the complex. The leasing agent that was showing me around was sooo handsome, honey! We vibed very well and talked a lot during the tour. While showing me the complex, he had to go back to the office since he was the only available agent that day to assist the other residents.

I was asked to come back another time to finish the tour. I didn’t get his number other than his name and gave him my business card so I could head back to work. Within the hour, I received a text from him apologizing that we didn’t finish the tour. He was telling me about the amenities of the apartments and that he also lived on site. This conversation was used to get my to come back and he offered to show me the rest of the property...and buy me dinner. Seeing how we were both single, I accepted.

From there, he perceived himself to be this southern gentleman who was respectful, loving, and just waiting for the right person to come along. He had his own place, more than 1 job, and businesses; money wasn't a true issue. Well, during this time I ended up finding a place that was affordable for me in Nashville; he helped me inspect it and move in. Around this same time, he ended up getting fired from his job. I offered for him to stay a couple days or store his things at my house since it was so sudden.

At first he denied but then accepted but only for a couple days until he got another place. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months. Well, eventually I became pregnant during this time and that’s when everything REALLY changed. We talked about it previously that if it happened, it would be okay because it was hard for me to get birth control down here after moving and finding a doctor to prescribe it. At first, he wanted to make sure all bills were covered correctly paying half...but then he stopped working or only worked odd jobs and became so inconsistent.

He was a barber; which was one of his other businesses. So he would cut hair at the apartment and with me being pregnant, I wasn’t comfortable having so many in and out of the house. Eventually, it became an issue and he started to become physically abusive and angry. Eventually, he tried finding other jobs but he became so inconsistent with helping to pay for things. He would be gone all day and at night he'd be “working “ but not contributing towards bills. We would fight all the time and fight physically. He would punch the walls and shove me... I would try to kick him out but legally couldn’t since he established residency... even though technically wasn't on the lease.

Everything that pulled me in about this man definitely was a scam. Once he got me he was no longer that gentleman I fell for... The facade of having a job, a house, a car or businesses: ALL GONE.

Before our son was born, I found a house for us to move in and still took care of everything financially. A week later after moving, he decided he wanted to be done because he couldn’t handle things with us anymore. I was so blind sided and shocked because I just had our son.. I went through post partum for about a year; it was bad.

Needless to say I kicked him out and my son and I lived at the house. I still managed to stay afloat financially but it was hard. Dealing with postpartum I was so depressed and lost that I would cry all the time. I was so hurt and when our son was 3 months old his dad decided to be with someone else. And I lost it because again I just had our baby with the intentions of starting and building a family. I was going through postpartum as well and not myself and had no control of my emotions or myself.

A lot of this is a story to be continued for another time. But my son and I lived in that same house for about 4 years. He will be 4 next month and I am so grateful to have him in my life. Being a mother you see who you can really be as a woman, how I manage to get things done, and still stay on top of things surprises me"


Thank you for you submission Jasmine.

We look forward to hearing about many more moments between you and your son; we wish you the best! Continue being an amazing mother and woman. YOU are needed.

Jasmine is also the creator of "Single Mom's Network of Nashville". If you need this outlet to meet other women who you can relate to and network with, please follow/like the Facebook page.

If you can relate to this submitted story, comment and share your own #WWHHW moment.

*This forum is not a substitute to getting professional help*

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