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Shame Shame Shame…

Submitted by: Samantha

I'm a single mother of a vivacious and intelligent 9 year old girl. I've been on this journey with very little assistance from her father for some time now. He's been in and out of her life ever since she was born. Most of the time I could care less he's there, but on rare occasions I get infuriated because my daughter doesn't have the bond with her father the way I have with my father.


"I always given him the benefit of the doubt and let a lot of shit slide. I'm upset because even though he and I never grew into a relationship, I thought the friendship we had before we had sex was strong and we were still friends. I thought I was a safe space for him to speak freely and honestly about his circumstances that may prevent him from being attentive to our daughter without feelings be involved.

Lie detector test determined: that was a lie.

At this point, all I want him to do is at the very least call or text his daughter.

Now granted, he is currently blocked on her phone (her choice), because she doesn't know him and doesn't know how to feel towards him. I respect her decision and I think it's very mature for her to recognize her feelings and set boundaries to make sure he doesn't come in and out of her life on his time. She wants it on her time. That's something I'm working on now. I still get upset from time to time but my daughter tells me that there's no point and that his absence doesn't affect her."


Thank you for your story Samantha. As a single mother myself, I understand the want/need for your child to have a connection with the absentee parent. But naturally at a certain point, we can only do so much as parents. I commend you for raising such a smart little girl and allowing her to be aware of her feelings, thoughts, and boundaries that she is entitled to have. Just continue to tr to bridge the gap but you are right, he cant come in and out on his time/when its convenient, Keep Up The GREAT Work.

If you can relate to this submitted story, comment and share your own #WWHHW moment.

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