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WTF Was That?!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Submitted Anonymously

*WARNING: sensitive content/trigger warning. Please be advised before continuing*

"After having a child and knowing that relationship didn’t quite go as I thought it would.

You would think a person would sit back and just focus on the kids, work, and move through life as it anyone should.


I met a guy that was sweet and I thought was what I needed at the time.

Well to my knowledge, he was pretty cool. He had children of his own and he lived with his mother, but the kids did not stay there. After a few months we decided to be more serious in our relationship. We had a good time with each other, and having children of my own who were younger, they enjoyed him being around him.

After a while, he moved in with me and the kids and the relationship was still ok. But after a while I noticed some changes in his behavior that made me think this relationship probably won’t last long, but I thought I was tripping.

One night, we finally got to go out by ourselves, and Lord did the light come on for me. The date was a movie and dinner. Once we arrived to the movies, we walked in and we sat down but immediately his mood changed. Now I'm asking what’s wrong and he simply stated we will discuss this later. Now at this point, I am totally blown away from the response because again, I did not see anything happening.

Movie is over, we go eat, and there is no conversation from him at all. At this point I’m like

what the fuck. So, we eat and leave. It was super boring eating alone, even though he was there. I wouldn’t even went if I knew it would end like this. We finally got home and BAM!, just out of nowhere he accuses me of disrespecting by talking to some other man. In my mind I'm like, “what the fuck are you talking about?!" That night was the

beginning to my inner voice telling me that I need to get out. But of course, my ass didn’t listen.

While I’m getting up every day going to work, he wasn't currently working and he stated consistently that he looking for work but isn’t doing anything but chilling.

Long story short, I was going to church week after week praying To God how to get out of this jealous relationship that started out ok but now, I am waking up

day after day hating that I’m dealing with this person.. but I’m scared as well.

I kept thinking man I should have learned from my mom's experience. Well, this guy didn’t bother my children and didn’t hit me but was very jealous and possessive and only wanted me to himself. When we went out, I had to hold my head down and only look and talk to him directly.

So, I continued to pray and one day God told me to go to church. And this time, he said leave and go live with my mom and don’t go back. I took a deep breathe and did exactly what was whispered into my ears. I woke up and left for church, and I told my kids "as soon as church is over, go over there with my mom and stay there."

My guy said you ready to go home and I turned to him and said nope I’m not going home until you leave. He said let’s go home to discuss this. I said shaking

from inside "No, we are done and when you remove your things then I will go home." I got up and walked over to my mom and said we are leaving with you. She said OK and we left.

I stayed at my moms for a week then I said I’m going home. When I returned, I changed my locks, and he eventually he stops by and I told him to leave, but he demanded we talk. I said what I said and closed the door. And that was the end of that relationship!

Now, years later, we cross paths from time to time, and he always apologizes for putting me through that and that I pushed him to be a better man. But I know that's just manipulation to get me back. I wish him the best, but move the hell around!

So, if you have the courage to listen to that whisper that says it’s time to get out, you better listen and get out! That's God giving you a warning. "

If you can relate to this submitted story, comment and share your own #WWHHW moment.

*This forum is not a substitute to getting professional help*

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