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WWHHW Announcement: “YOUR Mental Health Matters” May

Submitted by: M.B.

Hey everyone!

Get EXCITED because “Well What Had Happened Was..” is BACK for the month of May!

Thank you all for giving us a much needed break to embrace our reality as we continuously help you embrace yours.

The month of April is known as “Second Chance Month” where there is a NATIONWIDE effort to raise awareness of the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction, the want to improve perceptions of people with a criminal record, encourage second-chance opportunities, and drive momentum for policy change throughout the country.

Since the beginning, we’ve preached that everyone deserves to tell their stories and that EVERYONE mental health matters; and we are standing on just that.

For the month of May we want to continue the mission of Second Chances and share the stories of the currently incarcerated population and those returned citizens.

Those unheard voices matter! #YOURMentalHealthMatters💚

We want to allow you to tell your stories and begin receiving the healing you need.

You never know someone’s story until you’ve created the SAFE platform to allow it to be heard.

So tune in to our platform for these stories!

•Subscribe to the site for updates!

•Click the mental health tab to find a mental health professional in your area!

•Find a mental health mobile app to help with your needs; whether it’s venting, grounding exercise, and etc. For ALL ages.

•Check out our Second Chance tab! You’ll find transitional homes and felon friendly employers for ALL 50 States!

If you would like to add yourself or your business as a resource, email us at


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