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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Submitted by: M.B.

Welcome to another #WWHHW "Featured Friday!" where EVERY Friday, we will promote your business, music, craft, art, podcast and more!! Use this not only to connect with each, but invest each other.

This week we are giving a SPECIAL feature for two amazing black men and their podcasts.

Ras Jaffee Judah

Jaffee Judah, born and raised in East Nashville,TN, is the spark that Tupac predicted. He is an author, youth mentor, and entrepreneur that wants to help reduce recidivism rates with a platform that recognizes and celebrates Black and Brown people with creative pasts.

Recidivism refers to repeat criminal offenders. Statistics show that nearly 44% of criminals return to prison within a year of being released from prison.*

Since his first mixtape, Random Acts Of Love ,Jaffee has been on the frontline to promote health, wellness, and sustainability through hip-hop, books, and podcasting. 

His impact, in such a short time, has given birth to a revolutionary but gangsta movement called Bang 4 Liberation.; his TRIBE! This movement aims to address gun violence through art and community organizing.

His new podcast, BLKBLOOD VOICES PODCAST, was inspired by the success of Ras Jaffee Judah's first book Blkblood Vol.1 (From Prison To Prayer Through Poetry.

"We interview (BLACK & BROWN ONLY) entrepreneur creatives who share their own stories and give detail on what it takes to adjust, embrace, and sustain momentum as a BOSS!

Unlike most podcasts you might notice how we embrace the African humanity principle UBUNTU, meaning "IAM BECAUSE WE ARE" by supporting (BLACK & BROWN ONLY) small non-profits and grassroots organizations through our Nurture The Youth Campaign which is an initiative that brings awareness to our partnership with a grassroots organization that helps get the word out, inspires positive change, and supports solutions for Social Justice issues; a percentage of our annual profits are donated to grassroots organizations."

"BLKBLOOD VOICES" Hosts Big6 and Foundation Mecca will interview guests and spark thought-provoking conversations and advice. Episodes will be released bi-weekly. Follow the podcast on social media: @BLKBLOODVOICES. More information can be found at

To buy some merch from the shop or find out how your nonprofit can join our campaign, or be a guest on the show send us an email, or contact us at

Darnell Barnes

Darnell Barnes is the owner and host of the ATL based podcast, All Things Black Podcast. He believes in the black community and wants to help tell black stories and life experiences through podcasting and visual media.

He is open to interviewing the best and brightest amongst a diverse group of black professionals whose skills, gifts, and talents are needed to help build/uplift strong families and communities.

ALL Black entrepreneurs, scholars, professors, authors, speakers, podcasters, and many more are invited to come to my podcast to lend their expertise in their respective fields and have great conversations!

You can click the link below to learn more about his platform, support, and even schedule your next interview.

You can hear my very own segment on "All Things Black Podcast" by clicking this link:


If you would love to be featured on our next "Featured Friday!", please email us at or submit your interest on the "Featured Friday" tab on our site!

Submit your information with pictures, small biography/story about yourself, and links to any social media you have pertaining to your submission. We can't wait to meet you!!

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